Hi everyone!

My name is Sonja. My closest friends would describe me as a bit of a dork. I love having fun with life and spreading positive vibes, therefore occasionally making a fool of myself. But if laughter and smiles are involved, then I am all for it.

The ocean is my happy place. Growing up on the coast I have always been a water baby and love going out for a paddle on my stand up board, going for a surf or taking my best mate, Meeko, for a dip and a run around on the beach. The ocean clears my mind and is my getaway for whenever I am feeling stressed. There is something special in watching waves roll, hearing them crash and seeing the sun go down over the horizon.

But most of all, with this love for feel good vibes, comes a passion for feel good food. My other happy place, the kitchen. Cooking, chopping, blending, dehydrating, baking, mixing, creating and preparing food, I love it. I find so much fun in experimenting with flavour combinations, trying new foods and creating new recipes. I get so much joy out of surprising my friends and family with foods and meals they would not normally eat, but end up loving. These meals are colourful, bright, nutritious and packed with flavour and natural power, making you feel your best to live life to your full capacity.

I look forward to connecting with you all and sharing my life full of smiles, sunshine and fun, through food, fitness and adventure!

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