I am a dog person, and proud of it. Living on my own is fantastic; I get my own space, my own schedule, there are less dishes to clean, peace and quiet, I can play loud music, wake up early without annoying people, and I can dance around the house in my undies like a goof without judgment. But, what about when I hear creepy noises outside? What do I do when there is no one around to eat my apple core? What if I become that person who goes to the dog beach on their own just hoping a furry friend will desert their owners and hitch a ride home with me? I love having an excuse to go on long walks, to get out and about in nature, to have something to take pictures of and laugh at, someone that drools at all the foods I make, and having the company at night that makes me feel safe and loved at all times. My housemate is mans best friend, a dog. Or should I say mine is more of a teddy bear. Ever since we first met, this little puppy became my best mate, my partner in crime and the missing goof ball I needed in my life. She has been right by my side, laying on top of me, sneaking onto my bed, licking my face, and jumping straight into my lap 24/7 through what has been a roller coaster ride the past few years. 3 years on and I can not even imagine how dull my world would be without my real life teddy bear around. Here is why:


Best things about having a dog:

  1. The perfect ice breaker.
  2. When you drop food, they clean it up.
  3. Always a happy face when you come home.
  4. Lost for conversation? Mention you have a dog.
  5. Unconditional love.
  6. An excuse to exercise.
  7. Makes talking to yourself okay.
  8. Saves you money – you don’t need a door bell, or security system.
  9. You will get more likes on Instagram.
  10. You are never lonely.
  11. Getting attacked by love every time you come home. Whether you have been gone for 5 minutes, or 3 hours.
  12. You will never eat alone again, EVER.
  13. They look at you like you are a superhero, Making you feel like a legend.
  14. Two words – Dog snuggles.

Need I say more? Get a dog!


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